Hair Texture Types For Your Personality
Hair Texture Types For Your Personality
Hair Texture Types For Your Personality

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among women. They are both stylish and elegant. Yet, it can be overwhelming to purchase them, especially if it's your first time. Do you know which type of hair texture suits you best? Below is a breakdown of the different varieties of hair extensions to help you make an informed decision.

Types of Hair Extension Textures Available:
There are several textures of Virgin Indian hair to choose from, you need to be sure of what you're picking. Make sure it complements your hair texture or lifestyle. Fortunately, we have 6 different types for every hair texture, so don't worry. Here are some types of hair textures you would love to try.


Any woman of African descent knows about Virgin Indian natural straight hair. It is the most preferred hair texture and blends well with Silky or textured natural hair. This hair is soft, has high density, and lasts a long time. 

Just like Our own natural hair, Indian straight hair has body and an illusion of being full. Worry not about the luster, as it has a natural shine. With this hair, a curling iron is all you need to switch from straight to curled.



Natural wavy hair is famous for its S shaped wave pattern & lightweight texture. This makes it most suitable for people looking for low maintenance styles. It is perfect if you workout a lot because, it has a very loose wave that gives you some style without curling or styling. It is more voluminous than Straight  hair, but it has less maintenance.



The most distinct feature of this hair is it’s natural  curls. Although this texture can be flat ironed to go straight it will revert back to it’s natural curl pattern several times by shampooing it, the hair retains its natural sparkle. It holds well in all weather conditions, even when it's very humid or raining.



This texture mimics African American woman’s hair in a relaxed state. If you like to wear your extensions straight but not have a silky look or feel. This is the perfect texture to blend with your naturally coarse hair. If you like curls that hold, then look no further then our relaxed texture.


5. KINKY CURLY                                                     

The kinky curly texture is the ideal curl pattern for individuals looking for tighter textured or coily natural curls, which can easily blend with your own natural kinky texture. 


6. AFRO KINKY CURLY                                                    

Afro kinky has tightly coiled bouncy curls, that can be combed or picked out into an afro. To get your tightly coiled curls back, just wet your extensions & your coiled curls will be right back.

Desired Extensions curled weave on model

Finding the right extensions for you doesn't have to be so hard. check out this other article we wrote about hair texture and length if your still looking for more information.

If you wish to buy quality hair extensions visit Desired extension shop page to see the different types we serve first hand.