5 Things Every Girl Needs to Know About Hair Porosity
5 Things Every Girl Needs to Know About Hair Porosity
5 Things Every Girl Needs to Know About Hair Porosity


The truth is that we all desire to have healthy and fabulous bodies. However, most of us don't realize that one way of achieving this is by ensuring that we take good care of our hair. According to the American Association of Dermatologists, we need to take good care of our afro since healthy hair boosts our confidence and enhances our overall health.

That said, for you to take proper care of your hair, you need to understand various matters such as hair porosity. What is hair porosity, and why is it important? Below is a brief elucidation of five things every girl should know about hair porosity.


 1. What Is Hair Porosity?

The first step in comprehending the importance of hair porosity is certainly understanding what it entails. Put simply, hair porosity is your hair's ability to retain and absorb moisture. This is extremely vital since your hair's porosity levels determine the type of hair care routine you develop, including the type of hair products you use.

That said, you need to note that hair porosity levels vary from one person to another- some people have high porosity while others have low porosity hair. Experts opine that there are three categories of porosity- high, normal, and low.


2. How to conduct a hair porosity test

If you're worried about how to determine your hair's porosity, then you can relax since there are three easy tests you can carry out at home to help you achieve this. 

  • The shedding hair test: During this test, all you have to do is drop hair that's been shed during combing into a glass of water. If the hair floats, then your hair has low porosity. However, if it sinks immediately, your hair has high porosity, and if it sinks slowly, it has normal porosity.
  • The strand test: This is another easy test that you can opt for. First, gently stretch the curl strands from various parts of your head- your nape, temple, and front hairline. After this, proceed to place the stretched strand between your thumb and finger, then gently slide it up the hair strand- from the tip to the scalp. If your fingers easily slide up the strand and it feels hard and dense, then your hair has low porosity. Similarly, if the strand is rough or dry, then you have high hair porosity. Finally, if it feels smooth and gentle, then you have normal hair porosity.
  • The water test: Besides the other two, you can also test your porosity levels using water. All you have to do is spray some of your curls and watch how your hair reacts. If your hair quickly absorbs the water, then this indicates high porosity levels. However, if it merely remains on top, then this signifies low hair porosity.


3. Characteristics of High Porosity Hair

According to a recent study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), high hair porosity levels are caused by UV exposure and hair bleaching. This is because activities such as hair bleaching lead to chemical damage, thus increasing your hair's porosity levels.

That said, some of the common characteristics of high porosity hair are:

  • Your hair quickly absorbs water.
  • Your curls often feel and look dry.
  • The curls are often frizzy.


4. Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair

Hair with low porosity levels tends to have these characteristics:

  • It takes a long time to dry.
  • Hair products usually build up on the hair rather than being absorbed.
  • When you wash your hair, it takes a long time to become fully saturated with water.

If you have low porosity hair, hair experts suggest that you should use an oil that can actually penetrate your hair strands before shampooing.


5. Characteristics of Normal Porosity Hair

Normal porosity hair is arguably the most effortless hair to maintain since it has looser hair cuticles, making it easy to absorb moisture. If you have this type of hair, then your hair usually:

  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Has amazing curls that are full of elasticity and bounce.
  • Lasts long with various hairstyles and can be successfully colored.

Since this type of hair is extremely easy to take care of, all you need to do is incorporate deep conditioners into your hair care routine—these help to maintain your healthy hair and remove any impurities.


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