Stylist Referral Program


  • Exclusive Partner Benefits
  • Easy and Free to Join
  • Increase your earning Potential
  • Join the Desired team
  • Refer your clients to Desired Extensions
  • Earn 10% of your referrals and Get 15% off retail prices


  • Earn your booth rental fee weekly
  • Expose your clients to high end quality hair
  • Earn extra income to purchase other products
  • You can earn up to $4000 or more a month
  • Your name and salon will be listed on our website
  • Receive referrals from Desired Extensions


  • Approved Partners agree to be listed and advertised on the Desired Extensions website
  • Partners must preserve Desired Extensions branding on all hair products purchased from Desired Extensions.
  • If Partners are unable to abide by terms and conditions, their Partner status will be revoked and they will be removed from our website and will be unable to obtain discounted pricing on Desired Extensions products in the future.
  • Desired Extensions products purchased from Desired Extensions can only be sold in a retail environment such as a salon/stylists application on clients. Products being sold online in an e-commerce shopping cart will not be permitted. However, you may advertise that you use and sell Desired Extensions hair but you must use approved imagery from Desired Extensions.
  • All Partners are subject to social media promotion by Desired Extensions. For instance, this will include social media promotion and advertisements of new members of the Desired team. Desired Extensions invites and encourages our Stylist partners to return the favor!
  • Desired Extensions reserves the right to terminate Partner status for any reason at any time.

Application Form

You agree to the Stylist Program Terms and Conditions.