3 Reasons Why Clip-Ins are Perfect for Busy Kids
3 Reasons Why Clip-Ins are Perfect for Busy Kids
3 Reasons Why Clip-Ins are Perfect for Busy Kids

On the Go? Here’s Why Clip-Ins are Perfect for All Ages

Summer will be leaving us soon!

Doesn’t it seem like time is quickly passing by?

Some of us will be going back to work and need to adjust to our work schedules again. Thankfully, there’s a solution to help with time…

Well, maybe not time, but the time you spend on your hair.

Clip-ins could be exactly what you’re searching for. They’re low maintenance and EASY to install.

Covid had us stuck in the house, but now we’ll be stylish again, heading back into the workforce (CORPORATE WORLD).

Is your stylist booked up?

No worries, Desired Extensions clip-ins can easily be installed and removed by yourself.

Are you natural but worried about a texture matching your natural hair?

We have a selection of 7 textures from straight to kinky or afro curly.

If you’re not sure of your texture, give us a call or email us, to set up your in-person consultation for the perfect hair texture match.

Desired Extensions loves out of state customers, so we offer Zoom or Facetime consultations. We never leave you guessing about your clip in hair extensions.

Ohh yeah, let's not forget about the kids and grandkids heading back to school.

Before they do, let’s make sure they walk into the halls in style!

If you’re a parent or grandparent you’re always looking for inexpensive and quick ways to keep your kid’s hair on point throughout the school year. This is especially true if your family is always on-the-go with work, school, after-school activities, and sports.

No one wants to spend time each week figuring out the next BEST style for their teen or college grad.

That’s why we believe the best solution is clip-ins!

The key is to find clip-ins that perfectly match their natural hair texture.

Besides being inexpensive and easy-to-install, here are 4 more reasons why clip-ins are the perfect option for you or your kids this fall.

1. Flexible

Just like adults, kids can easily get bored with their hairstyles.

Clip-ins make it super easy for them to switch up their styles as often as they’d like.

For instance, one week they may want a smooth and silky style and another week they desire a curly style.

The choices are endless!

2. Safe

Keeping your child’s hair free from damage is something you’re always conscious of. Right?

Well, there’s no need to worry about damage when you’re using clip-ins, especially when there are no harmful chemicals or glue involved in the process.

3. Very Low Maintenance

Earlier we mentioned just how busy things can get when the school year starts.

You know what we’re talking about - late practices, recitals, part-time jobs, and games. If you have a college-aged child, they’re more than likely spending some nights in an evening class, or they’re busy studying.

Time can easily run away when your child is a busy bee.

In the midst of it all, you’re making sure they always show up looking great!

Fortunately, clip-ins are a no-hassle look that allows for easy daily maintenance.

4. Low cost, no stylist needed

Sometimes funds are low with high school & college grad students. Clip-ins can be easily installed by yourself. There is very low maintenance & they can be removed daily & re-installed daily or leave them in up to a week.

Are you thinking about clip-ins for yourself, child, or grandchild?

You’ll be amazed at how much time AND energy your family will save when you opt for clip-ins.

Kids will also thank you for helping them look and feel their best throughout the school year.

Drop in the comments of this blog post and tell us if you’re thinking about clip-ins for yourself, child or grandchild.

We’d love to know!