Feel beautiful and uptick your look. (A little hair history)
Feel beautiful and uptick your look. (A little hair history)
Feel beautiful and uptick your look. (A little hair history)

Women have used weaves to bring our thick and beautiful locks for more than 5,000 years. An experienced hair technician can help you add lustrous glamour to your beautiful hair. Understand that everyone can use hair extensions to feel beautiful and uptick their look.

You also get to protect your natural hair from the elements when you incorporate weaves. Not every person with hair extensions has bad hair underneath or is bald. Wearing a weave or a wig will give your hair a break from daily routines. 

History of Hair Extensions

Have you ever thought about the history of hair extensions? For starters, it dates back to Cleopatra in 3400 BC. The first documented use of hair weaves was by the Egyptians during this period. They wore braids, sew-on pieces, and wigs made from dyed sheep's wool and human hair. Beeswax and resin were used as glues for these hair extensions.

American and European women gave rise to powdered wigs in the 1700s. Perukes (a white powdered wig) indicated birth or high status. Interestingly, king Luis used the Perukes when he started turning bald. He didn't want the people to think that their leader was weak. However, other nobles quickly adopted the trend.

Celebrities with Hair Extensions

No one loves to change their look and stir things up more than celebrities. However, it isn't easy to mix it up without the right kind of hair extensions. Many celebrities, therefore, use wigs all the time during events for a fresh new look. 

Sarah Hyland from Modern Family, for example, lost a lot of hair due to kidney dysplasia. However, she uses extensions and wigs for her role in the spectacular film.  

Did you know that Beyonce uses wigs to look her best at all times? The Life and Style Magazine recently published how Beyonce uses wigs almost all the time. Her natural hair, believe it or not, is a native pixie cut.

Other celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Arianna Grande, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Aniston, use hair extensions to boost their look. It is, therefore, quite okay for you to adopt the use of hair extensions.


Hair extensions can help have fuller and thicker hair within a few hours. Sew-ins invisible wigs are an excellent choice if you're looking for a fresh new look. Desired Extensions can hook you up with all your hair and beauty needs. Ensure you contact us today to find a hair extension piece that suits the look you want.