4 Common Causes of Dry Hair
4 Common Causes of Dry Hair
4 Common Causes of Dry Hair


Dry and damaged hair is a common hair problem for both men and women, despite their hair length or texture. However, the causes of dry hair might differ, and how you treat your hair varies from one person to another.

First things first, what is dry hair? Dry hair is when your hair develops a routine of not getting or retaining enough moisture. That makes it appear dull and frizzy. Meanwhile, if your hair is healthy, it generates a natural shine that results from natural oil in the outer layer. 

Having that in mind, let's have a detailed insight into some causes of dry hair.

Common Causes of Dry Hair

Various factors will lead to dry hair, including your hair habits, environmental conditions, and general body health. Here are some causes of dry hair. They include:

  • Overusing Hot Tools on Your Hair

The heat from your flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer is beneficial for achieving sleek, polished hair. But did you know that it is the number one cause of dry hair? If you heat your hair often, it saps the vital moisture while pulling and tugging when blow-drying or flat iron styling, father taxes your hair. 

  • Using the Wrong Shampoo and Conditioner

Note that not all hair care regimens are created equal. For example, hair shampoos and conditioners are purposely used on oily hair to strip away excess oil. However, it would be best to focus on preserving as many natural hair oils as possible when having dry hair. For that reason, shampoos and conditioners purposely for dry hair will contain rich and creamy ingredients that will infuse the strands with desperately needed moisture.

  • Overdoing Hair Chemicals

Using hair chemicals like lightener will work by lifting the cuticle on each strand to allow the color to penetrate a little bit deeper. However, when done repeatedly, it makes it more difficult for the cuticles to maintain their original state, resulting in a porosity hair condition. It is a condition where your hair fails to retain the moisture required, leading to brittle hair, reduced elasticity, hair breakage, or hair dryness.

  • Dry Hair as a Result of Hormones Changing

Women under birth control pills, pregnancy, or menopause can lead to rearranged hormonal balance by altering the estrogen level produced by their bodies. Meanwhile, less estrogen will contribute to dry hair, and as the hair loses pigments, it leads to less elasticity and luster, which will all contribute to wiry and dry hair. 

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