Which Hair Texture and Length is Perfect for Fall and Winter?
Which Hair Texture and Length is Perfect for Fall and Winter?
Which Hair Texture and Length is Perfect for Fall and Winter?
Fall vibes are in full effect. 
It’s certainly not surprising to find yourself daydreaming about your next head-
turning hairstyle while cozying up with your favorite latte or bowl of soup. 
Maybe you’re wondering, “Which hair texture compliments the upcoming
seasons?” or Which length is feasible for this time of year?” 
There’s a lot to factor in. After all, your hair deserves to be just as stunning as fall
Let’s Talk Texture!
Around here, big hair wins during the colder months! Desired Extensions’ Earth
Collection gives a sweeter meaning to fall vibes. 
Kinky Curly 
Virgin Indian kinky curly hair may be your new go-to style if you adore a big,
yet natural look. 
If you’re new to Virgin Indian hair, you’ll be happy to know that it’s 100%
This ensures there’s no damage to the cuticles. These are essential in protecting
your tresses. 
There’s quite a lot of talk about the amazing quality of Indian hair. It’s naturally
thick and lustrous. Trust us, when we say you don’t have to second-guess the
quality of Indian hair! 
There’s also no need to worry about the possibility of your hair being dry during
the fall and winter because kinky curly hair thrives off of water and moisture to
satisfy its tight curl pattern. 
Kinky Ringlet 

If you’re still in the mood for big hair vibes, but prefer a looser curl or your natural
hair is a 3A/3B curl, then you’ll love the Kinky Ringlet texture. If you're a curly
junky but not sure on how to maintain them, then the 3A/3B Kinky Ringlet curl
pattern is what you need. Our textures are perfected with a 3-day steam. No
chemicals are used in the steam process.
Relaxed Texture 
Naturalista looking for a smoother sleek look? 
For my ladies who like texture but still have a need for sleek and natural-looking
hair extensions then the Relaxed texture is for you!
No one will ever know you're wearing hair extensions because it’s coarse, yet
natural. It magically blends in with your own hair, allowing for a glam look that’s
perfect for the holidays. 
Long or Short? 
Keeping warm during the fall and winter is non-negotiable.
That’s just one reason why you should keep in mind that the perfect hair lengths
for this time of year are 16”, 18”, 20”, and 24”. 
You may also consider having bangs if you’re looking for a cute and fun look that
fits your personality. 
At the end of the day, all of the fun doesn’t belong in the summer, right? 
Unfortunately, the beauty industry is experiencing a shortage of lace closures and
lace frontals into 2021. 
According to Hype Hair, supplies are decreasing. 
This is alarming for stylists and consumers everywhere! After all, it’s a million-
dollar industry. However, there’s always a solution to a temporary beauty
Find out more about the future of the industry here. 

Until you’re able to stock up on lace closures and frontals again, bangs are a great
option to cover your hairline or natural hair. 
By the way, don’t worry about cutting and shaping your hair extensions from
Desired Extensions. All of our collections have an extra 2” of length that allows
you to reach your preferred look. 
Traveling to a Warmer Climate? 
Go ahead, enjoy your fall or winter travels with your Insta-perfect hair! 
Your extensions won’t be ruined after a splash in the pool or hot tub. 
However, we highly recommend washing your hair after swimming and avoid
submerging your hair in salt water. But for some reason, you just can't help
yourself and end up enjoying a wave, we have you covered.
Follow these 2 simple steps before submerging your natural hair or extensions in
salt water or chlorine. If not, you’ll find yourself spending hours detangling hair
that’s in desperate need of moisture. 
● Step 1: Dampen your hair extensions using a spray bottle.
● Step 2: Add your favorite leave-in conditioner to your extensions.
We told you it was simple!
These 2 steps will keep your natural hair and extensions protected from the harsh
salt water, sun, or chlorine. Remember, the key to keeping your style fresh longer
is to always treat your extensions as if it’s your own hair.
You’ll fall in love with them over and over again if you do. (no pun intended.) 
Get more details about protecting your extensions here.  
How do you plan to style your tresses for fall and winter? 
We’d love to know! 
Jump in the comments and share your exciting ideas.