—Tailored Collection—

Our tailored Collection is customized to fit your lifestyle. We create a flawless wig from the variety of hair collections we carry.

Steps to Creating your Custom Tailored Collection Wig

Looking to save time in the salon create your very own U-PART WIG or FULL TAILORED WIG. Creating your custom wig is fun and easy just 5 simple steps:

STEP 1: Purchase your hair from our Innocent Collection or Earth Collection and choose your length & texture.
Length 10”-12” Only 2 Bundles
Length 14”-22” Only 3 Bundles
Length 24”-30” Only 4 Bundles

STEP 2:  For a FULL TAILORED WIG choose Lace closure or silk closure from our Enhance Collection to close in WIG.

STEP 3: Choose which wig design you prefer U-PART or FULL WIG from our Tailored Collection.

STEP 4: Use a cloth measuring tape to take head measurements.

STEP 5: Click the add to cart button to design your custom TAILORED WIG.

All wigs are custom made so all sales are final
We do not color or cut your wigs in the Tailored Collection, Please have a professional stylist color & cut your tailored wig for a perfect customized look

Build a wig with our Tailored Collection you can create whatever your heart desires! You can choose from our Upart Wig which allows you to blend your natural hair with the wig for a natural looking parting. The Upart can be installed by clip’s or by sewing it down your preference.

Build a wig with our Full Tailored Collection you can create whatever your heart desires! Our Full wig is designed to cover the whole head with a breathable cap that last’s up to multiple years for wear and tear. This unit is perfect for Alopecia & cancer clients for it doesn’t have to be glued down or attached to hair. For convenience can be taken off daily or sewn down for longer wear.