About Our Hair

Ms. Robbie Conwell introduced her youngest daughter Gina Conwell to the beauty ind ustry in 2001. Gina Conwell started out in the business as a sales rep delivering professional products to hair stylists. As time went on she was introduced to full lace wigs by a stylist. As Gina researched about hair extensions and the enormous amount of women with alopecia, a passion to help with balding became her number one priority.

Desired Extensions Inc. was derived from this passion to open a hair extension boutique designed for full lace wigs and human extensions only. When talking to Gina Conwell you don’t just get hair extensions,but she gives you knowledge of every aspect of beauty. Rest assured that you will leave out of her business feeling empowered.

Our Collections

Innocent Collection
Earth Collection
Diverse Collection
Tailored Collection
Enhance Collection